Head of Creative at Spotify, Podcaster Mission


FMR Assoc. Creative Director at Amazon.

FMR Sr. Creative Art Director for VICE.

FMR Global Art Director for Pepsi International.

FMR Freelance Art Director for Burton.


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Responsbile for helping establish the modern day look, feel and mission of VICE; identifying and leading brand initiaves while launching global lines of business.

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VICELAND: Brand + Marketing

On February 29th, 2016, VICE launched VICELAND, a TV channel led by Spike Jonze, where programming covered the most important topics to young people today.

At it’s core, it was a channel of radical empathy created by people, for people riding the fine line of high and low vernacular.

It lifted the curtain, showing experimentation and processes, all while acting as a platform to give viewers a global stage to be heard.

Not wanting to do a typical over-the-top graphics package, we developed along with Gretel, the unbranded brand. Using reductive typography, motion and messaging, we let the product sell itself.


No desks.
No makeup.
No sets.
No suits.

This is the premise of what makes VICE News different from everyone else. Our correspondents didn’t go to journalism school, but they are culturally clued in, following stories they can only tell at VICE. They are on the ground, embeded where the action is.

This is What News Can Look Like is a declaration, a flag in the ground. This is the changing of the guard.

VICE NEWS  x Black & Brown Forum

Where do the candidates stand on issues impacting brown and black communities across America? Vice News asked them.

This 4 hour long forum asked individual candidates direct questions from POC around the country about current issues affecting them today.

Non-traditional, politically charged, graphics acted to stop people scrolling through organic and paid social and to create kinteic type at events.

VICE VOTE / Things

The VICE voting campaign uses a collection of powerful iconography, stripped of color and context, to examine political issues that matter to young people most.

User-generated content was at the center of this campaign, where we used VICE channels to give young Americans a stage to voice their opinions. An interactive hub plotted UGC across a map, where people could see opinions forming across the country in real-time.

Then, leading up to the midterms, we shut down all of VICE’s channels and displayed a CTA to register to vote.

The results? VICE VOTE accounted for 2% of new voter registration and inspired a massive discussion.

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