Head of Creative at Spotify, Podcaster Mission


FMR Assoc. Creative Director at Amazon.

FMR Sr. Creative Art Director for VICE.

FMR Global Art Director for Pepsi International.

FMR Freelance Art Director for Burton.


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Eastcoast Magazine

One of the first snowboard zines to ever be printed, and the only one to strictly feature content from the underepresented, East coast.

When coming onboard, the magzine was roughly 40 pages and had no digital footprint and was free to anyone who wanted to pick up a copy at their local snowboard shop. 

Within one year, in close partnership with an editor and photo director, we redesigned the magazine, created a website to run digital banners and even create branded content before we have ever heard the term.

After redesiging the magazine, it featured 130 pages of interviews and content with the biggest names in snowboarding, music, art and more. Our content brought waves of criticism from corporate snowboard publications.