Head of Creative at Spotify, Podcaster Mission


FMR Assoc. Creative Director at Amazon.

FMR Sr. Creative Art Director for VICE.

FMR Global Art Director for Pepsi International.

FMR Freelance Art Director for Burton.


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50% Lakai 50% VICELAND

Because Spike Jonze is both our dads at VICELAND and Lakai, it only made sense to do a project together. We worked with our friends over at Lakai on a capsule collection, but didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously.

Using VICELAND’s reductive messaging and designs, we created a, the “collab” collection, poking fun at a word that has become a cultural joke in skateboarding, streetwear and mainsteam whatever.

The shoes came in both high-top and low, with removable weed-printed insoles.