Head of Creative at Spotify, Podcaster Mission


FMR Assoc. Creative Director at Amazon.

FMR Sr. Creative Art Director for VICE.

FMR Global Art Director for Pepsi International.

FMR Freelance Art Director for Burton.


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Weed Week: Now with More Weed

A week-long programming stunt dedicated to weed that appeals to all the senses and culminates on 4/20, resulting in VICELAND’s highest viewed week on TV.

Now With More Weed is all about dry amusement and visuals that appeal to people who aren’t stoned yet. It makes weed the celebrity, examining its ubiquity, normalization, and increasing legalization.

We depicted copious amounts of weed in curious, unexpected places while still being rooted in the real world and played into the post-smoking effects- whether it is paranoia, humor, or cognitive abilities.

Dedicated content expanded across all VICE channels, including, getting an entire town high and smoking weed with Jeff Sessions in D.C.